Thursday, 24 January 2013


Today I am off to take my boys to their swimming training session and then on to buy school uniforms and school shoes for the year.  Both boys have increased one size in clothing since last winter and have also increased one shoe size also.  

I often reflect at how much they have grown since they were little babies in the double pram that I used to push around everywhere and I do wonder sometimes where my babies went!  

They are both tall for their age and the elder one is towering above my shoulders these days and he is 10!  It won't be long until he is taller than me I think!

Happy Thursday!


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  1. I'm off to do school shoe shopping and school supplies today too. My 10 year old son is marginally lower than eye to eye with me....we're breeding them tall these days! I just cannot imagine my baby towering over me but it's going to happen! I'll miss his company next week for sure! x KL