Thursday, 27 December 2012

Boxing Day Banter

Well it's Boxing Day and I think that tomorrow might be a rest day as everyone is exhausted around here!   We've had a great time over Christmas!  Today we went to our cousins' and were treated to a lovely Boxing Day BBQ and basked by the pool!

This was their Christmas Tree!

We had a lovely lunch.  Look at their cute milk jug!

On Christmas night we looked at all the amazing efforts some of the people in our streets have taken with decorating their houses.  Isn't this house incredible?

This is the front of the house.  Just beautiful.

This was our cousins' Christmas tree yesterday.  This is their "inside" Christmas tree.

And this is their "outside" Christmas tree!  Isn't it gorgeous!
Here are some close-ups of some of the outside baubles.

I think the pink one is my favourite!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Boxing Day!
Happy Wednesday!

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